From 2011-12-14 to 2012-01-12


15:19 Bug #66: advanced search - owner
test Rastislav Hudak
10:29 Bug #66 (New): advanced search - owner
You can only search for owner with account name, not with name & surname Rastislav Hudak
11:07 Bug #75 (New): book viewer - the bibliographic record isn't compliant with ISBD
The data appear in this citation format:
Name and Surname of first author "et al." (if there is a second author, o...
Rastislav Hudak
11:06 Bug #74 (New): book viewer - author is not shown if she's not 'author of digital object'
Rastislav Hudak
11:04 Bug #73 (New): book importer - default in peer reviewed should be 'No'
Rastislav Hudak
11:03 Bug #72 (New): it's possible to save 2 metadata templates with same name
Then its not known which is which from the list. Rastislav Hudak
11:00 Bug #71 (Closed): if publication date contains only year nothing is shown in 'Digital Book'
Rastislav Hudak
10:58 Bug #70 (Rejected): if copyright is set to 'no' the licence dropdown should be hidden
+ It should be explained what it means if there is 'No' copyright. Rastislav Hudak
10:49 Bug #68 (New): on input validation error all fields are cleared
If you won't provide something mandatory, like language, you will be sent back with error but all filled fields are c... Rastislav Hudak

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